Meet Your Team Leads!

Brennan & Daston

Daston Arman

Grade: Sophomore
Major: BHP, MIS
Hometown: Houston, TX

“What else are you going to be doing that is more important than exploring the best college town in North America, hanging out with the amazing friends that you will have for the rest of your life, and getting to know what your place in McCombs is going to be??? Would you rather sit in your room staring at your wall!! If you never kickoff, did you really ever start college?”

International man of mystery, Daston Arman, is a young, but active member of the McCombs family. He has spent his time at UT as a passionate member of the Undergraduate Business Council as well as a double bass player in the University Orchestra. This upcoming semester, Daston is looking to mentor young children through an organization dedicated to improving literacy rates, Students Expanding Austin Literacy (SEAL). In addition, he is continuing his goal of winning an IM championship while simultaneously having no athletic ability or hand-eye coordination.

As with literally every person that has ever studied abroad, Daston believes that his second home, Hong Kong, is the greatest place on earth and is not afraid to tell you that for hours on end. Walking around Chinese factories and jumping off cliffs made his last summer the greatest of his life.

In his personal life, Daston is insane about NBA basketball and will miss his own wedding to watch the Houston Rockets play. As well, he loves to dabble in online gaming and considers himself an expert in making simple, rustic beef wellington.

Brennan Jantzen

Grade: Sophomore
Major: Management Information Systems (MIS)
Hometown: Novato, California

“I have heard many good things about Kickoff last year, from friends who were able to attend, which has made me really excited to be a team lead for this year! I wasn’t able to attend last year, but I feel like being a team lead now is going to give me the best opportunity to meet incoming students and help teach them a thing or two about how great McCombs is!”

Brennan recently studied abroad in Prague, Czech Republic through a McCombs short term study abroad program. He is also a member of the Undergraduate Business Council where he has served on different committees; his favorite of which was the VIP Committee where he worked to get business executives to come and share their thoughts and insights into business and everyday life with McCombs students. Highlights from this event include the CEOs of Exxon, Oracle, and Victoria’s Secret.

If you have ever seen Lord of the Rings or are even remotely excited about Star Wars: Rogue One, you and Brennan will get along beautifully. Even if you haven’t, he is also a big fan of the entertainment industry as a whole. Brennan actually did four years of theatre and musical theatre in high school and has invested plenty of hours into video games. Other interests of his include music, with his favorite groups being twentyone pilots, Pentatonix, X Ambassadors, and One Republic.

Olivia & Janaya

Olivia LeVine

Year: Sophomore
Major: BHP, Marketing
Hometown: Woodbridge, CT

 “As an out of state student I came to UT without any friends or even passing acquaintances. McCombs Kickoff gave me the opportunity to meet people entering the same program and to make friends who made freshmen year so much more fun.”

Get your forks and knives out; Olivia is coming back from an internship in London at ETM Group, a restaurant chain. After travelling the European continent, she is ready to lead you on an adventure through the forty acres.

On campus Olivia is the treasurer for Texas Angels, a spirit group, the founder of a Synchronized Swimming Club, and an Honors Business Association member. She also spent the last semester as the event coordinator for the BeVocal Student Organization.

Olivia looks forward to more synchronized swimming competition and baking her way through the next three years at UT.

Janaya Lavalais

Grade: Sophomore
Major: Interested in MIS and Marketing
Hometown: Austin, TX

“I’m excited to give incoming students perspective of what their first year of McCombs can look like while showing them the numerous possibilities of activities and organizations to be apart of within UT as a whole.”

Janaya studied abroad this past summer in Edinburgh, Scotland as a part of the McCombs SIP Business Law Program. While abroad she also got to travel around to London and Dublin for some sightseeing. Janaya is currently the Publicity Chair for The Undergraduate Business Council, a Community Leader in The McCombs Leadership Program, and a member of the Dean’s Insight Network (DIN).

Janaya is very interested and passionate in all social justice issues regarding LGBTQ+ rights and women’s rights. She attends a discussion based group every Friday’s hosted by UT’s Gender and Sexuality Center (GSC) called Feminist Friday’s to address issues that women face in society.

Katie & Dylan

Katie Walt

Year: Junior
Major: Master in Professional Accounting
Hometown: Katy, Texas

“Kickoff is where I have met some of my greatest friends at UT. It was the perfect way to make me feel comfortable at my new school and ready to take on college life.”

During her time at UT, Katie has become a member of the Undergraduate Business Council and Alpha Delta Pi. She was the chair of the Spring Case Competition this past semester and has been a member of the BBA Legacy committee and Barbara Jordan-George Mitchell committee at McCombs.

Katie’s favorite thing that she has done at McCombs is the Yellow School Bus event where she got to teach elementary students all about the business school through games and tours around McCombs. Katie plans to study abroad in the fall of her senior year in Vienna, Austria where she can enjoy some of the best coffee, dances, and music in the world.

Katie is Executive Vice President of Alpha Delta Pi and has loved leading her sorority. This past summer, she interned at Southwest Business Corporation in their Investment Advisory Division, and she learned all about the exciting world of retirement! For fun, Katie loves to eat queso, go to Zilker Park to play with dogs, and hang out with her friends.

Dylan Adkins

Grade: Junior
Major: BHP, Finance
Hometown: “Big Money” Beaumont, Texas

“Coming from a not so elite district in high school in South East Texas, we had very few students come to The University of Texas, let alone to McCombs. Kickoff was my first real taste of what was out there, not just the organizations and the people, but also the city I get to call home for the next four years. It was great to meet other incoming freshmen and talk to established upperclassmen about academics and some social scenes in Austin that most freshman are unaware of.”

Dylan has studied abroad in Beijing, China, where he taught English while taking a course on Social Entrepreneurship, and Cape Town, South Africa, where he worked as an Undergraduate Research Assistant and TA, as well as doing consulting for two companies in the area.

Dylan’s other involvement includes holding various positions within the Undergraduate Business Council and serving as a Public and Media Correspondent for the Center for Sports Leadership and Innovation. As for internships, he has had the position of financial and portfolio analyst for the University Co-op and functions as the Chief Operating Officer and Board Member for a non-profit that he created, called Mount Nebo Austin.

Zach & Lauren

Zach Schultz

Grade: Senior
Major: BHP, Supply Chain Management
Hometown: Austin, Texas

“I attended McCombs Kickoff my freshman year and it was a blast! I think the best part was getting to meet a lot of my peers. I didn’t know anyone at Kickoff going into it, and some of the leads and other freshmen that I met became some of my closest friends throughout college. I have been involved with Kickoff every year since then and I’m so excited to be a team lead again!”

Zach studied abroad after his freshman year in Hong Kong. It has definitely been one of the greatest things that he has done during the past three years! For extracurricular activities, Zach has been involved with The Undergraduate Business Council where he’s been able to have many roles, including this last year when he was on the Executive Board as Careers Director.

Last summer he interned for Dell in Round Rock, and this summer he interned for Target in Minneapolis. Both were awesome experiences, and he’s excited to be back on campus and enjoy his senior year!


Lauren Neels

Grade: Senior
Major: Marketing
Hometown: Allen, TX

“I enjoyed Kickoff so much when I attended my freshman year, and I’ve volunteered at the event every year since because I believe the experience is so valuable. I made some of my first friends at UT at Kickoff three years ago and I still talk to them today. I also learned a ton about McCombs and ways to get involved on campus.”

Lauren is a fun chick who’s been very involved in the Undergraduate Business Council here at UT. She served as the Community Service Chair her sophomore year, was on the Executive Board her junior year, and will spend her senior running the First Year Leadership program for the new members of UBC. 

She loves to travel and while she hasn’t exactly studied abroad, she spent a summer backpacking Europe and loves to discuss travel strategies. Lauren loves the outdoors and adventures of all kinds and is currently in Colorado hiking through some sweet mountains. She is also passionate about spending time at concerts, on the greenbelts, and doing other fun stuff in Austin.